Valthrun the Prescient



Q: Douven Staul – dragon tomb
Dragon Burial Site? I believe that there is a place to the southwest that has been associated with an ancient dragon, but I have no first-hand knowledge of the truth of such legends”

Q: Ancient Keep
“The keep was built during the height of the old empire. Some sort of watchtower, I can’t recall what for. Some think it was to gaurd against gnoll marauders, but I don’t think thats right. Whatever, the keep outlived its usefulness. It’s been a ruin since before i was born. Probably a goblin lair by this time. but you’ve whetted my curiosity. When i return to my tower, I’ll look though my library. The next time you see me here, i will know more.”

He suggests a small job from Lord Padraig

Q: Cult Activity
” There hasn’t been an honest to goodness evil cult in or around Winterhaven in more than a hundred years. Where are you getting these strange ideas, my drinds? Someone, i fear, is trying to lead you astray.”

Valthrun the Prescient

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