Nentir Exploris

Missing Father


Caravan Attacked!

Four friends sit around a tavern table and discuss the events that have occurred in the past few weeks…

Sorrysh Liadon, Shumolth Skyserpent, Krisuvial, Moringotho Azear; the four friends huddle together over the oaken table in the Blue Moon Alehouse. Sorrysh’s Mother came to him recently worried about his father’s absence over the past 3 months. He had heard of rumors of a dragons burial tomb and left to explore them. One of Krisuvial’s masters, Parle Cranewing, of Septarchs Tower came to her and asked if she would be willing to find the old ruins of the Keep on the Shadowfell and map them for his records. Shumolth, who was recently working for the merchants guild, heard about a caravan that had been attacked by kobolds not 15 miles from the city of Fallcrest and an item that Teldorthan Goldcap was waiting on, a green Dragon Hide, was taken. Moringotho who has been working for the Markelhay house recently learned of a proclamation from Lord Markelhay wanting the eradication of the kobolds in Kobold Hall.

As they sit there, Sorrysh pulls out a map of Nentir Vale that his Mother had given him from his father’s possessions. Looking at the map, the group decides the best course of action would be to travel to Kobold Hall to gather money for the longer trip to Winterhaven.

Once at the old manor Sorrysh searched the ruins and found a trap door beneath an old guard tower. Slowly going down the stairs into the depths, they are soon discovered by a reptilian creature screaming “Intruderssssss, Intrudersssssss”. Rushing forward Shumolth charged ahead of his comrades toward the kobold who was circling a pit that filled the room. Standing his ground, Shumolth met a lot of resistance from 3 kobolds attacking at once and struggled to keep his feet. To stop a kobold from attacking the group from a distance, Moringotho attacked and pulled the kobold into the pit…dying among the filth. POP, Krisuvial the Eladrin teleported behind the group of kobolds attacking her warlord friend and suddenly a thunderclap filled the room. One kobold flew into the green slime-filled pit and one slammed into her friend, Shumolth, bouncing to the ground at his feet.

Krisuvial soon regretted the decision of getting into the middle of the fray. She spotted a lever that raised the portcullis that blocked access to yet another kobold who was slinging stones at them. She then promptly fled to the back corner of the room. Sorrysh perked up and attacked a lone kobold skirmisher that rounded the pit from the opposite side, felling him in several rounds. The kobold in the pit struggled to free himself of the muck and climb the walls back to the top, dying among the refuse he had created with his comrades.

Once all the reptilian creatures had been dispatched, the group took a quick 5 minute break to catch their breath and discuss the recent encounter. Adrenaline burst from their first real fight and they could barely contain themselves from rushing ahead further into the depths. Into the next room, a tomb, they rushed…

CLICK. “Arrrg!”, cried Shomolth. A trap! The warlord was struck in the neck by a dart and immobilized while first entering the room. CLICK. Moringotho barely escaped a second dart that flew towards him. Three kobolds hissed and cried in draconic, “Tiamat will burn the flesh from your bones for violating our grounds!” Moringotho cried back “Tiamat is a pussy!” and egged them on even further into their fervor. Now wary of the traps, the adventurers resorted to their ranged attacks to defeat the kobolds, knowing that they were just trying to get them to come further into the tomb to be struck by the immobilizing darts. In one last ditch effort the last creature alive ran toward his crudely made alter to pray to his God. “Tiamat, save me and burn these infedelsssss.” Too late, he died amidst a cloud of daggers, cutting him to pieces…

Traps!!! Sorrysh searched multiple times over several minutes to find the mechanism that fired the darts. With the dart trap disabled, the party approached the pitiful alter. Gold! Gems! Their first treasure… The party members catalog their new found wealth for later distribution. Taking another quick rest they felt even more invigorated by their accomplishments…

A little more wary after their first taste of traps, they entered the next room a little more cautiously. What a weird setup; Kobolds sat on platforms playing some kind of game. Rushing forward while his friends cast and shot ranged spells and weapons, Sorrysh found out what kind of game it was. Ouch! A large stone tied to a rope hung from the ceiling caught him straight in the chest pushing him back 10 feet. Not wanting to let it hit him again he rushed the nearest platform where the kobolds were standing. Quickly climbing the side of the platform, he stepped up and all the beady eyes turned towards him.

Not wanting to let his friend fight alone, Shomolth rushed the platform barely dodging the rock that was thrown at him this time. Scrambling up in time to assist his fast falling friend, they dispatched the first platform of lizard men. Not wanting the stone to be used again, Sorrysh attempts to cut the rope only to find that it was made of harder stuff than he thought. Thinking quickly, he spotted a pole that was used to hold the stone between games in this strange arena.

With the coast clear, the remaining party members moved closer to dispatch the kobolds on the second platform. HISSSSSssssssss. A drake clambered up the stairs at Sorrysh. CHOMP!!! A huge bite from his leg almost knocked him out. Sholmoth flanked the drake quickly and they both dispatched the creature between them.

With the second platform nearly clear, the wizard moved closer and closer to the wooden doors between the platforms. A runt of a kobold suddenly swung the doors open for another drake to run out and bite at the wizard. Seeing his comrade in danger, Moringotho summonned his greater power and burned the lizard to the ground…..

Quiet… All bloodied, looking at each other and thinking of the last minute of their life (many of them very close to it being their last minute) the adventurers breathe a sigh of relief….


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