A Call to Adventure

Starter NPC: Valthrun the Prescient NPC Location: , Winterhaven

Info: “Have you ever heard the legends of Thunderspire Mountain? Tales claim that a great city built by the minotaurs in the ancient days waits within the depths of the mountain. If you are in search of adventure, then exploring those ruins and bringing back word of the wonders you see would make this old man extreamly happy. Think about how strange such a place must be! And imagine the treasures that might remain from such an alien time and location.”

Additional Info: “anything I provide will pale before the amazing treasures you uncover, I am sure.”

Items: A Ritual 6th level rites

Cure Disease Disenchant Magic Item or Speak with Dead

Legends: This valley was once ruled by the minotaur lords of the underground city of Saruun Khel. It disappeared from history’s stage about three hundred years ago.

Two specific parts of the city appear in various texts about Thunderspire Mountain-the Labyrinth and the [[Seven-Pillared Hall]].

Recent rumors speak of the Mages of Saruun-modern arcanists who seem to have some lesser or greater influence in what remains of the ruined city.

Completion Requirements: Details about the minotor ruins, and some proof with a Relic of some kind

Rewards: 420gp XP

A Call to Adventure

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